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Name: Akshay kumar

Profile: Software Developer

Email: aksaxena114@gmail.com

Phone: (+91) 96-349-92815


WordPress 85%
JavaScript 75%
React 50%
Android 90%
About me

I'm Akshay Kumar website Designer & Developer based in Delhi, India. I work with agencies across the globe to create high performance & rich interactive website & Apps that work across all platform and devices.

I possess more than 5 years of web design & development experince. Developed and managed multiple websites & Apps for a number of clients in different verticals.

Techtriks are awesome at delivering high-end solutions for web design and Mobile App development using multiple technologies like HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, Shopify,Android, Flutter, PWA etc.


Our experience spans across all industries and specialty areas.

Web Design

Our web design has unique approach that provide tailored solutions thorugh methodologies that empower brands to evolve. We will create and merge the front and back of your website in perfect sync, to create a masterpiece of a website.

Web Development

For our small businesses and customer, we deliver web development services. It can be a Ecommerce, online shopping store,an landing page for promotional purposes or any other kind of website to compliment their business venture.

Responsive Design

A good responsive web design will strive to improve the user experience of your website. We create attractive and appealing web design, for all business niche, across industries, in lowest prices among the competitors.

Mobile App Development

To create a fast and smooth app for any platform Android, IOS and PWA. We also deliver products with outsourcing App development model. This model gives a reasonable solution to control the budget and other resources.

Graphic Design

We build immediately identifiable original designs that can be held consistent with all your online and offline marketing. There's no limit that you can get designed at techtriks. Whether you are looking for logo,flyers,newsletter,etc.

Marketing Services

Trageted and considerable digital marketing services that will take your business to the next level. In Today's world, you need a partner who can help you to take the advantage of marketing opportunities.










We serve up mouthwatering work that will have your customers staying untill close time.


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